Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Relief

I’m sure everyone has their favorite late night show host and would likely defend their choice with a great deal of tenacity. But no matter whose side you’re on throughout 99.9% of the year, you’ve got to hand it to Jimmy Kimmel for being the lone late night personality to put on a show on a Sunday night, as he does each year following the Oscars. His show is a much needed shot in the arm after sitting through 3+ hours (I can only claim to have sat through about 90 minutes) of celebrities who are not naturally funny try to make the audience laugh. So exit Anne Hathaway and James Franco…and enter Kimmel. Maybe the Academy should get him to write the jokes/skits for next year’s ceremony. Mike Tyson teaching George W. Bush how to pronounce “big” words? Jessicas Biel and Alba going to Kimmel for personal training? Yes, please. Trust me, it’ll make you forget — at least temporarily — about Hathaway and Franco in Auto-Tune…

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One response to “Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Relief

  1. Oh man that was hilarious! Did not expect Sir Micheal Tyson to be the teacher. And Jimmy Kimmel made sure to throw Tyler Perry’s name under the bus for good fortune.

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