Britney Hearts Curtis?

Britney Spears and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson need to be together. Think about it for a minute and you’ll find they have quite a bit in common:

  • Worldwide fame
  • More money than the average person
  • Poor/questionable judgment
  • A self-destructive streak
  • Mediocre “talent”
  • Unstable personal lives
  • Inconsistent professional lives

You get the picture.

Over the past couple weeks, however, Curtis and Britney’s stars seemed to come into a particularly precise alignment, giving way to the possibility of a match made in a narcissist’s heaven.

50 took to his Twitter account to give his 4 million plus followers an update on his forthcoming album; his tone void of any hint of irony or hyperbole, 50 stated “I don’t believe I’ve ever made wack music.”

Playing Bonnie to 50 Cent’s Clyde, Britney Spears told Out magazine, when asked whether she had ever made songs that she didn’t like, “No. All of my songs are f*@$-ing amazing.”

These two deserve each other. The level of self-deluded egoism they possess is astonishing and I just think they should give it a shot. You might wonder if there’s even room for two such inflated egos to coexist in a relationship. I say don’t put it past them. They’ve both managed to remain in the public consciousness all this time, so they obviously know some sort of black magic. They can make anything – including multiple “comebacks” – work (because it has nothing to do with the public being morons).

My career as a matchmaker is depending on them.

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One response to “Britney Hearts Curtis?

  1. They would probably have one-sided conversations with each other. One not listening to what the other has to say.

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