The In-Crowd 3.18.11

Marvel Divas

The Week’s Links…

  • Microsoft Quit PC Gaming Peripherals Market…Again —
  • DJ Premier Says Canibus Was One of His Most Difficult Clients — HHDX
  • Ten Reality Stars Who Failed at Life — Warming Glow
  • NY Republican Says Deport Latinos, Use Blacks to Pick Crops — Raw Dawg Buffalo
  • Why Isn’t DC Comics Doing a Dwayne McDuffie Tribute? — Racialicious
  • Joke’s on Those Who Joke About Japan — USA Today
  • Preschool Sued for Damages After Overprotective Mother Declares “It’s Just a Giant Playroom” — Death & Taxes
  • Republicans and Immigration: Utah vs. Arizona – Daily KOS
  • The Tale of a Japanese Dog that Refused to Leave an Injured Friend — BroBible
  • Trending Topics with Tim Baker and Blockhead #30 — SYFFAL
  • Food Fight! — Gawker



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  1. I WANT TO GO TO THERE! *Liz Lemon Voice*

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