The In-Crowd 3.25.11

Young children, pull your pants on up/Who wants to see the crack of your ass and see your butt? – Pharoahe Monch

The Week’s Links…

  • Cinematical Seven: Girl Gangs that Kick Ass –
  • Corporate Profits at All-Time High as Recovery Stumbles – Huffington Post
  • Could You Date Someone Who Got Naked for a Living? – NWSO
  • Looking at Hip-Hop 1.0 –
  • An Uncomfortable Silence: Why is Geek Media Keeping Quiet About the Akira Remake? – Racialicious
  • The World’s Greatest Extra: Jesse Heiman – Stuck on a Rock
  • Chris Brown Thinks Apologies are Memory Charms –
  • Why MJ was One of Liz Taylor’s Great Loves – The Grio
  • Blinded by the White: Social Media and Diversity – Convince & Convert
  • How Much is Kevin Kolb Worth? –
  • Natalie Portman’s Bum Deal in Your HighnessFHM
  • The 10 Best Computers in Science Fiction Movies – EgoTV

Bonus: Jay Smooth on Chris Brown





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