The In-Crowd 4.8.11

The Week’s Links….

  • The Kids Have Spoken: Only 22% of High Schoolers Want to Pay for Music — TSS
  • Busted! (NSFW) — EHOWA
  • Cash Rules Everything Around Wu — Passion of the Weiss
  • Things Done Changed © Notorious B.I.G. — Bastard Swordsman
  • De La Soul’s Maseo: Salute the DJ — HHDX
  • “between” Tells Korean-American Adoptee Stories — Korea Herald
  • When Part-Latino Men are Considered “White Dudes” — DCentric
  • Nearly Half of Mississippi Republicans Think Interracial Marriage Should be Illegal — TPMDC
  • Forever Alone Friday — Stuck on a Rock
  • John Stewart Wishes Glenn Beck Farewell — TheWrap
  • Natalie Portman’s Days as a Stoner — GOT
  • Ashley Judd, You Lose! — The Urban Daily

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