Decisions, Decisions

Life is comprised of a series of choices; we all make them everyday — whether relatively mundane, like what to eat for lunch, or something more pressing, such as “should I run this red light (and risk getting a ticket or causing a wreck) or just get to work late and take my lumps?” Of course, far more serious situations than the aforementioned examples will pop up throughout life, but the point is that regardless of the gravity of the situation, decisions have to be made on a daily basis. Some would argue that there are times when we can choose not to choose, but the logical and philosophical complexities involved with that are beyond the scope of this blog entry. We have to live with the decisions we make, which is why it’s important to make good ones. “Good,” however, is a subjective term; all choices are subject to scrutiny and are potentially controversial. What 5 people approve of might be completely unacceptable to 15 others. But when you’re satisfied with the decision you made and you feel comfortable saying you’d make the same decision if you had it to do all over again, then you can direct everybody else’s attention to that very famous Cee-Lo Green song.

The videos that follow serve as two prime examples of people making decisions that were immediately put under the spotlight of public scrutiny.

This first clip is of a schoolyard fight between two girls.


Of course the assistant principal acted appropriately! The female teacher who shows up on the scene first isn’t getting the job done. So should the assistant principal have waited for her to try a little harder to stop the fight? Should he have called in for “female backup?” No. He saw the fight, knew it needed to be stopped, and he put a swift end to it. I think he made the right decision and so do most other people, including school officials. That’s why he’s still on the job.

And here we have the story of an 8-year-old who was pepper sprayed by the police.


Excessive force? Probably. I often disagree with the actions of cops, but I can’t even front, I would have sprayed his ass too. Just on principle. But seriously, how difficult could it be for a couple of grown men to physically subdue a 2nd-grader? While I don’t totally agree with the choice they made, I kind of get it. I imagine they were thinking, This is our third time being called out here for you, and now you wanna stab somebody? Take this you little monster.

(The cops should have hit the kid’s mom with a couple sprays as well).

The kid has some serious issues that need to be dealt with; otherwise, one day the cops are gonna bypass their pepper spray altogether and pull out the real heat. From what I understand, the cops involved in this incident have not been disciplined, nor will they be, so that’s that. And we all keep it movin’.

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