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You Betcha!

As Sarah Palin continues her self-aggrandizing bus tour across the U.S., she keeps mainstream media wrapped around her little finger, waiting with baited breath for an announcement about her candidacy for the 2010 presidential election. And in typical Palin fashion, she continues to attract passionately moronic followers who somehow think she’s got what it takes to change their lives. But, of course, not everyone is buying what Palin is selling. I’ve called this woman an idiot many times over, but the fact that she thought she could make a stop in NYC, of all places, and receive a warm welcome just proves Palin is far more delusional than I previously surmised.

Here’s what Sarah Palin’s bus looked like before entering NY:

And here’s what it looked like after being parked on 6th Ave. (in front of Fox News Headquarters):

Palin’s supporters are calling it an “act of vandalism.” If they think this is vandalism, then they clearly don’t know how bad things can get when a New Yorker gets his or her hands on a can of spray paint. Palin is lucky all she got was this poster slapped on the side of her bus. And as much as I would have loved to see someone take a couple cans of Krylon to this gas guzzler (way to be fiscally responsible, Sarah), I can see why the perpetrator took this route. All that was required to get the pre-fabricated sign up there was a little post-and-run. Easy.

The content of the sign itself has sparked right-wingers to scream “sexism” because, you know, Sarah Palin has boobs, and in America boobs = whore. And not the good kind of whore. But seriously, conservatives, why must you blow everything out of proportion? I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who violated Palin’s bus is a woman! Furthermore, any charge that this attack was motived by gender bias completely overlooks the fact that society is overrun with media whores both male and female. Ever heard of Donald Trump? He’s Commander-in-Chief of the media whores and he’s been at it much longer than Palin. So you can miss me with that sexism crap.

I know a sign on a bus isn’t going to slow this country’s steady descent into apathy and ignorance. And as self-obssessed as Sarah Palin is, I don’t imagine the sign is going to spur in her a grand epiphany causing her to suddenly admit, “Ya know something, am I a media whore? You betcha!” *Wink*

I just get a kick out of the few brave, (often) faceless souls who have the mind to make these sort of “attacks” on politicians.

America needs more of them.


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Mike Huckabee Lives Here









Hey, did you know Barack Obama hates America? Thanks to Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly (who, until a couple of months ago, didn’t know what causes ocean tides) you probably did know that bit of information already. But do you know why Obama hates America? Well, according to Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and current Fox News Channel talking head, “Barack Obama’s childhood in Kenya during the Mau Mau Revolution made him hate America.” Huckabee further explained that the average (white) American “grew up going to Boy Scout meetings” and lived in communities “filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas.” Given the fact that Huckabee intends to be a relevant figure in the 2012 election, I expect this sort of politics-as-usual mudslinging. It’s never too early to start taking shots at your enemies in Washington, right? But what did Natalie Portman ever do or say to Mike Huckabee to get on his bad side?














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The Art of Revolution

I’ve heard more than a few individuals refer to the recent uprising in Egypt with quite a bit of disdain in their tone. They invariably claim to have correctly predicted that such social unrest would set a bad example and lead to other oppressed peoples following suit.


Civil unrest has erupted in a number of Middle East nations as fed up citizens look to finally rid themselves of corrupt rulers. It should go without saying that during widespread protests of this nature some unsavory things are going to occur, such as the attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan. This, however, does not suddenly invalidate the overwhelming success of the Egyptian people. And by all accounts, the protests in Egypt were generally peaceful. Obviously, the same can’t be said for what’s going on in Libya, but that’s because Gaddafi has let the dogs loose on the people and they’re simply responding in kind. Regardless of whatever political, religious, or sociocultural complexities exist to make each new uprising in some way different from what took place in Egypt, all of the Arab world’s revolutionary-minded nations owe Egypt a debt of gratitude for doing it first. They not only did it first, but they did it well. They literally established a hub from which to conduct their revolution; Tahrir Square became a mother ship of sorts, providing specific locations for bloggers, flag sellers, artists, and food vendors. There were toilets, a pharmacy, and even a KFC that presumably had been cleared of its overly greasy chicken and turned into a medical clinic.

The bottom line is that Egypt’s revolution was successful because it was essentially a finely tuned machine. Those who complain about or criticize the events either (1) have no idea what it’s like to be oppressed or discriminated against; (2) as an extension of (1), don’t realize the importance of civil disobedience in the face oppression; or (3) have never seen this photo:

It’s not a pyramid, but it is another product of Egyptian innovation.

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10 Things

ThinkProgress has compiled a list of the top 10 things conservatives rarely mention when talking about President Reagan:
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