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Football Cops

With the NFL lock-out still looming, players have been forced to reassess their lives, search their souls, and take on new challenges. Some may even go a different career route altogether. While it’s not a stretch to believe that the average NFL’er might find himself stocking shelves at Home Depot (since they never actually went to class during their college days), the Manning brothers’ non-football related career options seem extraordinarily bright. Check out the duo as they protect the streets of Anytown, USA from the scumbags and lowlifes that seek to wreak havoc on civilization.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3KyRLZiCz0]


*Note the 2:00 mark. Eli’s inaccuracy has carried over from the 2010 season into his off the field work. This could be a problem.

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Stinky Barber






So what happens when an almost 36-year-old running back who retired in 2007 decides to return to the NFL?

Not much. At least not yet.

Sure, Tiki Barber’s impending un-retirement has got people talking but nobody’s saying much of anything positive.

Tiki claims that hanging out with his twin brother Ronde — a defensive back with the Tampa Bay Bucs — rekindled his competitive spirit, so he started working out again and realized he could still perform at a high level.

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