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Watch This: Outshining Originals

I never listen to the radio. It’s honestly been somewhere around 15 years since the last time I willfully tuned in to a radio station. Obviously, this means that my exposure to what’s new in the world of pop music is limited and fleeting, but it’s enough to know that I have no interest in 98% of what’s out there. It’s enough to know that I would still hate Chris Brown’s music even if he wasn’t a farm fresh douche bag. With the exception of an SNL performance, I’ve never been inclined to sit through a whole song of his.

Apparently, “Look at Me Now” is a Chris Brown hit. It features Lil’ Wayne (not a fan) and Busta Rhymes (a shadow of his former self). Well, it seems the previously-unknown-to-me duo of Karmin is very familiar with “Look at Me Now;” so familiar, in fact, they remade it. Despite my own lack of familiarity with the original, I’m convinced that the Karmin version blows it out of the water.


Call me an idiot, but when that girl’s album drops, I’m coppin’!


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