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You Betcha!

As Sarah Palin continues her self-aggrandizing bus tour across the U.S., she keeps mainstream media wrapped around her little finger, waiting with baited breath for an announcement about her candidacy for the 2010 presidential election. And in typical Palin fashion, she continues to attract passionately moronic followers who somehow think she’s got what it takes to change their lives. But, of course, not everyone is buying what Palin is selling. I’ve called this woman an idiot many times over, but the fact that she thought she could make a stop in NYC, of all places, and receive a warm welcome just proves Palin is far more delusional than I previously surmised.

Here’s what Sarah Palin’s bus looked like before entering NY:

And here’s what it looked like after being parked on 6th Ave. (in front of Fox News Headquarters):

Palin’s supporters are calling it an “act of vandalism.” If they think this┬áis vandalism, then they clearly don’t know how bad things can get when a New Yorker gets his or her hands on a can of spray paint. Palin is lucky all she got was this poster slapped on the side of her bus. And as much as I would have loved to see someone take a couple cans of Krylon to this gas guzzler (way to be fiscally responsible, Sarah), I can see why the perpetrator took this route. All that was required to get the pre-fabricated sign up there was a little post-and-run. Easy.

The content of the sign itself has sparked right-wingers to scream “sexism” because, you know, Sarah Palin has boobs, and in America boobs = whore. And not the good kind of whore. But seriously, conservatives, why must you blow everything out of proportion? I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who violated Palin’s bus is a woman! Furthermore, any charge that this attack was motived by gender bias completely overlooks the fact that society is overrun with media whores both male and female. Ever heard of Donald Trump? He’s Commander-in-Chief of the media whores and he’s been at it much longer than Palin. So you can miss me with that sexism crap.

I know a sign on a bus isn’t going to slow this country’s steady descent into apathy and ignorance. And as self-obssessed as Sarah Palin is, I don’t imagine the sign is going to spur in her a grand epiphany causing her to suddenly admit, “Ya know something, am I a media whore? You betcha!” *Wink*

I just get a kick out of the few brave, (often) faceless souls who have the mind to make these sort of “attacks” on politicians.

America needs more of them.


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